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Thank you so much for visiting Tea & Trumpets’ website and taking some time to read about our history. I’m Mark, the creator of Tea and Trumpets, and I wanted to give you a brief background on our venture. After spending a few years in the pharmaceutical industry, I realized something was missing from my work. While the industry treated me well, I wanted to create my own business that would in some way, add to people’s lives. One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about my day is drinking tea. For me, there is something irreplaceably soothing about a cup of tea. I also found the health and medicinal uses of tea intriguing. As I searched for loose leaf tea in Santa Rosa, I found that my options were limited. I craved the interactive tea selection experience in choosing tea. I decided I wanted to create a tea business that had a quality selection, provided excellent customer service, and most of all, was welcoming not intimidating. I believe that the experience of choosing loose leaf tea should be fun and interactive. You don’t need to be an expert to find a tea that is right for you; just start smelling some tea and asking questions. We offer only USDA organic tea because we believe tea should be in its purest form; without the use of chemicals.
We support fair trade and buy fair trade when we can. We truly hope you find what you’re looking for on this website or at our booth. Please don’t hesitate to ask us to find something for you; we welcome new ideas. It’s our pleasure to meet your tea drinking needs!

Funny name… Tea & Trumpets?
Hi, I’m Mark the creator of Tea and Trumpets. I first started drinking tea with my mom around five years old. One day, when we were having tea and scones, she told me about the English ritual of having tea with crumpets. At that age, I had trouble saying crumpet, and from then on, whenever I wanted tea, I would say “mom, lets have tea and trumpets!”