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Why loose leaf?

Here are a few reasons why we prefer loose leaf tea to bagged tea:

It's fun and interactive

Loose leaf tea allows the consumer to be involved with their beverage more than most drinks. The process of picking loose leaf tea is quite unique. Most people like to smell and look at a wide variety before choosing the right tea. This makes choosing loose leaf tea a fun activity to do with others. Brewing loose leaf tea is also an experience. There are so many different ways and devices to brew the tea. Our favorites, are the glass Tea & Trumpets infuser cups and pots. We believe it is the easiest and most fun method because you get to watch the tea steep and see the color of your tea.


Generally, the best, whole leaves are used for loose leaf tea. The left over smaller tea pieces are used for bagged tea. Bagged tea will brew quicker, but can lack the subtlety and full flavor of larger loose leaf teas.

Do something special for yourself!

Brewing and drinking high quality loose leaf tea is soothing and pleasurable. It’s something you can look forward to everyday and enjoy doing.